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John Hamilton Bradford, Ph.D.

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About Me

I am currently the Co-QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) Director for Data Collection and Analysis and an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Social Sciences at Mississippi Valley State University. My areas of expertise include:

My current research focuses on: * Analysis & Visualization of Police Shootings Data * Developing and testing generative, computational models of social stratification and inequality

I regularly teach contemporary and classical sociological theory, statistics, research methods, stratification, environmental sociology, comparative poverty and development, introduction to sociology, social psychology, and social problems. I’ve created a number of online simulations and interactive data visualizations for my students (see below).

I. Select Publications

II. Working Papers

###Sociological Theory * Social Complexity and the Paradoxical Foundations of Modernity * Niklas Luhmann’s Theory of Social Systems * Luhmann’s Interlocutors and the Foundations of Social Logics * Habermas, Complexity, and the Problem of Order * Critiques of Luhmann * Habermas and the Agentic Understanding of Communication * Social Differentiation, Triple Contingency, and Hyper-Reflexive Public * Fararo’s Synthesis of Parsons, Control Theory, and State Space Modeling * A Typology of Systems: Reflection, Representation, and Anticipation * Mario Bunge * Anthony Giddens: Structure and Function

###Economics, Marx, & Development * Under-Consumption and Over-accumulation * Classical, Neoclassical, and Keynesian Theory

###Research Methods * System Dynamics Introduction * Common Dynamic Patterns * Using Information Theory to Detect Systems

III. Models & Teaching Tools

###Interactive Stats and Data Visualizations (R Shiny) * Police Shootings Data * County Crime & Health Data * Explaining R-Squared * Power - Determining Sample Size

###System Dynamics Models (STELLA) * Development - Comparative Advantages * Development - Terms of Trade * Development - Technology and Positive Feedback

###Agent-Based Models of Social Processes (NetLogo Web) * Emperor’s Dilemma (compliance and enforcement of norms) * Leviathan (model of vanity and opinion propagation) * Sakado’s Model of Social Interaction (homophilous and heterophilous networks) * WFF’N Proof (my solitary online version of the classic logic game)

#IV. Select Presentations & Lectures ###Conference Presentations * [The Perils of Diversity: Revisiting Putnam and Vanhanen. 2016.] ( * [The Treadmill of Destruction and Ecological Exchange in Comparative Perspective: A Panel Study of the Biological Capacity of Nations, 1961-2007. Unequal Ecological Exchange Conference, 2015] ( * [Monetary Reforms, Revolutions, and Utopias: A Critical Analysis of New Money Paradigms. International Social Theory Consortium, 2014] (

###Lectures * Emile Durkheim * Max Weber * Karl Marx * [Talcott Parsons] ( * Postmodernism in a Nutshell * Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School * Niklas Luhmann’s Systems Theory * Stratification and Inequality * A Brief History of the Idea of Development

###Statistics Lectures * Lecture 1 - Central Tendency * Lecture 2 - Dispersion and Variance * Lecture 3 - Summary Statistics & Data Visualization * Lecture 4 - Covariance and Correlation